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You tender the bar. We bring them to you!

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Easy to Join

It's easy to join VTab as a partner in 3 simple steps. Join us today and digitally transform your venue.

  • Easy to Join Step#1


    Complete our online form about your business.
  • Easy to Join Step#2


    Expect a scheduled site visit from our sales representative.
  • Easy to Join Step#3


    Receive your Bar Display System and start taking orders

Reasons to Join

From generating more revenue, to bringing more customers and knowing them better, to creating promotions & campaigns for your venue, VTab offers you all these and more.

Trade safer


Trade safer

VTab helps you earn a healthy and safe reputation for your establishment. Our technology maintains social distancing at your venue by reducing the number of times people come into close contact with each other. This includes staff and customer interactions, as well as customers queuing for orders.

Get more customer


Get more customers

We‘ll market your venue on VTab and put your venue in front of more potential customers who will keep coming back because we continue to invest in marketing and improved products and services.

Contactless food ordering


Contactless food ordering

Scan, order & pay. Offer a fully contactless order and payment service through a dedicated web page hosting your interactive and dynamic e-menu.

Engage better with your customers


Engage better with your customers

Optimise the customer experience at your venue with our business intelligence package which helps you better understand the traffic through your doors and your customer preferences. This engagement means repeat business for you.

Cost savings


Cost savings

Save on overheads and systems needed for customer service and running your staff operations.

Operational efficiency


Operational efficiency

Our self service technology reduces the need for waiters and table service. Our merchant portant provides analytics on staff performance and attendance. Our platform allows you to instantly retail unwanted items that you would otherwise have wasted.

Create promotions & campaign


Create promotions & campaigns

Create campaigns that issue incentives and promo codes and target your exact demographic using our business intelligence platform.

Stay relevant and trendy


Stay relevant and trendy

The digital transformation at your venue will be seen as chic, trendy and cool and will appeal to the social media generation.

What you get

  • Your venue promoted on the VTab apps and website.
  • A BDS console with an integrated printer for receiving and managing orders.
  • QR codes for contactless table service including ordering and payments.
  • Staff performance and management tools.
  • Inventory management platform.
  • Access to an online merchant portal for reports, menu management and venue configurations.
  • Personalised data, analytics & insights (know your customers better).
  • Free VTab merchandising

What our partners say

“VTab have been very professional every step of the way. Set up was quick and BDS system was training free and easy to use. We look forward to doing business with them and discovering new customers”

Abdel El Khoury


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